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GodocX creates a clean and seamless experience for both you and your clients, Simply keeping track of applications and settlements,with GodocX your most important documents and client data will be kept in one easy to navigate platform.

When it comes to providing your clients with quality accountant services, every last document and receipt plays a major role. If you're attempting to handle multiple clients, the number of documents can seem endless. Not to mention the countless hours spent on having files emailed, faxed in, or dropped off.

Any one piece of missing information can prevent your client from receiving the immigration status their seeking, and with multiple forms being scanned, printed, and faxed often files can fall through the cracks. This means there's no time to be wasted repeatedly collecting files or chasing after forms.

Simply use our powerful document system to create folders and sub folders where you can easily have resumes organized by job position. Our software allows you to create powerful filters so you can easily track which applicants meet your clients need and any necessary follow up steps.

While considering loan applications there are a number of personal documents that must be submitted from the borrower including W2's, pay stubs, tax forms, and bank statements. With GodocX clean and simple organizing, uploading, and sending software you can finally go paperless and create a fluid approval process.

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